Somatic Hug

Somatic Technique

  1. Take a second to intentionally pause, wherever you are. You might be coming into this practice with uncomfortable sensations, emotions, or thoughts, and I'm here to remind you that this is okay. This is a nervous system response - and we can maybe thank our nervous system for trying to protect us, and just spend the next few minutes being curious about trying something new. 
  2. Take your right hand and place it around the ribs at your side, underneath your left underarm and beside your heart. 
  3. Place your other hand on your right shoulder, so that you are giving yourself a hug. 
  4. Visualise how your arms create a container for yourself and all the emotions and sensations you’re feeling. Notice what it's like to be held by yourself in this way.
  5. Notice if any of the sensations have shifted in the body as you do this. Is there a settling? A desire to exhale or yawn? 
  6. Continue holding yourself for however long feels right, paying attention to the feeling of containment your hands and arms provide. 
  7. Once you have finished, notice if anything is different from just a few moments ago. Are there any shifts, however tiny or subtle, in how your body feels? See if you can put words to what you notice.

( i )      Somatic resources such as this help us to regain a sense of being connected with ourselves when our nervous systems become dysregulated. Using mindful self-touch to place awareness on the boundaries of our bodies can provide a sense of containment that is comforting and soothing for the nervous system.