Connecting to the 8C's of Self

Self-Talk Practice


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( i )       This exercise is based on a type of therapy known as Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS), which holds a belief that all humans have a true or core ‘Self’ , as well as various sub-personalities, or ‘parts’, that all make up an inner system within us. From this framework comes the perspective that what causes a lot of the dysregulation to our systems is actually the experience of parts that have lost their connection to this core ‘Self’, and so have taken on burdens and stress in the system. 

This practice guides us to connect back to the innate sense of our core ‘Self’. When we connect back to this Self-energy, it can naturally bring harmony, wholeness, and healing to the system. 

I’ve incorporated various techniques informed by experts in the field. I guide us to connect to what Richard Schwartz, the creator of IFS, calls the ‘8C's of Self-energy’: curiosity, connectedness, courage, creativity, confidence, compassion, clarity, and calmness, and also take inspiration from the works of Loch Kelly and Genevieve Camp.